St Mary’s College for the deaf (St Mary’s College) is a college that operates with the consent of the Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne and is owned, operated and governed by MACS Specialist Schools Ltd (MACSS).

School Advisory Council

School Advisory Councils form an important expression of the educational partnership between parents, schools, parishes and the wider community that supports all students.

The St Mary’s College School Advisory Council is composed of a custodian of mission, lay members from the parent body and professionals who support students with disabilities, the College Principal, and a staff representative.

Terms of Reference


St Mary’s College policies cover a range of processes and responsibilities concerning care, safety and wellbeing, child safety, curriculum and enrolment.

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Care, Safety and Wellbeing of Students

Student Behaviour Policy

Attendance Policy

Anti-bullying Policy (including Cyberbullying)

Anaphylaxis Policy

ICT Acceptable Usage Policy

Supervision Policy

MACSS Pastoral Care Policy

First Aid Policy & Procedures

Complaints handling

Complaints Handling Policy

Commitment to Democratic Principles

The College supports and promotes the principles and practices of Australian democracy, including a commitment to an elected Government, the rule of law, equal rights for all before the law, freedom of religion, freedom of speech and association, and the values of openness and tolerance.

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