Year 12 Students Graduate

Class of 2023, We Congratulate You!


St Mary's College


Congratulations to all our Year 12 students! The bittersweet feeling of completing their final days of secondary school has become a reality!

This milstone in their education is a truly significant moment in their lives and we tilt our hats and commend them on this wonderful achievement.

We are extremely proud of their amazing efforts and glad to celebrate alongside the class of 2023 and their families.

Thankyou to each of them for enriching our St Mary's Community for the past 6+ years. We wish them all the best in the exams ahead but more importantly in the years beyond St Mary's College!

To our Year 12s: Whether you are pursuing further education, entering the workforce or seeking other opportunities, you have proven to be dedicated, hard working and resilient young adults. With your gifts, talents, and skills we pray your furtures will be bright and fulfilling.

Congratulations and we wish you true happiness in all your future endeavours!